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Fast Facts

  • 7-month, $600,000 experiential marketing tour
  • 88 sponsored tech events
  • 2 countries, 3 states, 4 markets
  • Dice-branded tour bus (once Lenny Kravitz’ bus)
  • 2-7 Dice Brand Ambassadors per event speaking for Dice
  • Custom-printed Dice-branded T-shirts on the spot: thousands given away
  • Weekly enter-to-win contest for a private night on the town with a dozen friends: thousands entered, and were auto-enrolled for Dice.com
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dicetechtrek/

Goal Achieved

Despite being the world’s leading online job board for tech, Dice.com needed to reintroduce its brand to a generation who didn’t know it at all, or knew it as “where my dad found his first job.”

Dice Tech Trek launched the grassroots invigoration of a venerated, 30-year-old brand to a new generation of tech stars. Along with an award-winning outdoor and online ad campaign, Dice Tech Trek made Dice.com the place for all of “the hottest stars in tech.”

Bonus Points

  • Inspiring awe and hundreds of questions: “How did you get that bus in this building?”
  • Hearing Ray Kurzweil explain “the singularity” to venture capitalists at Microsoft
  • Appearing in the TV show, “Silicon Valley,” on a set that recreated Tech Crunch


“We are always looking marketing programs that cut through the noise and reach our audience in new and innovative ways. We worked with Groundswell on a 7-month bus tour that spanned over 80 events in multiple states. From day one of our partnership, Nathan and his team understood our goals, helped us develop an engagement strategy to achieve those goals, and throughout the duration of the project, executed time-after-time. If you’re looking for a partner to help you develop a unique experiential program to reach your audience, Nathan and the team at Groundswell will exceed your expectations.”

Adam Fudala
Marketing Director

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