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Share.Like.Buy. Conference

With pop singer sensations MKTO at Share.Like.Buy. New York 2014.

Fast Facts

  • Founded 2011, Share.Like.Buy. was the first conference dedicated to marketing to millennials
  • We produced 9 conferences spanning 7 years and all regions of America
  • Produced the inaugural conference on 5 months’ notice
  • Successfully transitioned the conference to focus on youth trends marketing
  • Staged the conference in fun, non-traditional venues such as Hard Rock CafĂ© Times Square, Napa Valley’s oldest winery, National Geographic Museum in Washington, and Topgolf in Austin

Goals Achieved

Thanks in part to this conference, founder Jeff Fromm became a globally recognized authority on youth marketing, and is paid to speak all over the world.

Bonus Points

Getting to meet and learn from America’s most innovative brand marketing executives.